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SRC, South
7:45 am - 8:45 am
Urbankick Cardio Kickboxing Workout with Shane Barnard

UrbanKick® is an innovative and athletic workout that combines cardio kickboxing with sports conditioning drills for a total body workout. Using punch and kick sequences, UrbanKick® expertly blends steady state cardiovascular training with metabolic boosting H.I.I.T. drills so you constantly develop strength, power, agility, flexibility and balance. This efficient format offers innovative content, programming and a unique puzzle piece class design. You will walk away with new sequences you can immediately teach to KICK up your class!


Enjoy steel cut oatmeal, free fruit and coffee!

Mac Gym SRC South

A closer look at the Barre technique. Developing a better understanding of the workout and its benefits. Getting ideas on how to improve your form and make the workout more challenging as you progress.


Fitness is for everybody, and every BODY. We are BloomFit Training: a body positive fitness training. We focus on building discussions around body image and inclusivity in fitness. Join us as we tackle the tough issues of societal pressures on body image, defining body positivity, & creating a welcoming environment in your gym for all bodies.

Conference Room

In this workshop we will be covering a "Top Down" approach to learning and teaching 2 of the Olympic Weightlifting movements, the Clean and Snatch, and it's variations. This will be an active, hands on participation workshop. We will review why Olympic lifts are used for athlete and general population performance, the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting, the correct classification of each lift and its variations, how to program these lifts, among other learning objectives. In addition you'll receive recommendations for continued learning and development of Olympic Weightlifting. The top down approach is a simple and effective way to teach athletes and the general population how to effectively and safely perform these exercises while making it one of the easiest methods of teaching for the coach or trainer.


UrbanKick is designed with a "puzzle piece" format and unique language which balances the need for familiarity for the participants as well as keeping it fresh and exciting. You will never teach the same class twice and it allows creative license for the instructor to create their own class!


“Blank Slate,” teaches students & facility management how to create a personal training program utilizing minimal start up materials, while making a lasting impact & creating a better retention rate within Campus Rec. Education on how supervisors/coordinators & management can bring PT cert programs in with a lasting impact.

Conference Room

Do you have an appetite for eating vegan? This demonstration is focused on how to maintain adequate protein intake in a vegan diet. A vegan lifestyle doesn't have to be boring , intimidating nor challenging. Learn what are good sources of complete proteins to power through any workout and how to not compromise taste for health.

SRC Kitchen

This workshop is a "learn by doing" workshop. Presented will be techniques for teaching athletes how to start and accelerate, whether in the starting blocks, or generally in any sport where it is necessary. After teaching starting and acceleration techniques, top speed or maximum velocity techniques will be reviewed. This portion also applies as "Running Technique" and can apply to long distance runners.


Jessica Matthews has a genuine passion and unique ability for transforming people's lives. Armed with a wealth of practical, proven and science-based information through 17 years of work in the health and fitness field, her mission is to positively shift people's perspectives about themselves, their lives and what they are capable of achieving.

Mac Gym

Are you overwhelmed by the conflicting nutrition and diet information that seems to be everywhere? Do you worry about eating good foods and avoiding bad foods, count calories, jump from diet to diet, or simply can't figure out the RIGHT way to eat and possibly even lose weight? Join me in a myth-busting discussion as we discover the reasons why dieting is not sustainable or effective, explore mindful eating skills, and learn how they can improve your life.

Indoor Track

Have you ever walked into the room that you were supposed to teach a class in and found it was set up as a conference room instead of an open space? Do you or have clients that work for 8 hours a day at a desk? If yes then this class activity will help spur your creativity to use room walls, chairs and tables to deliver a great workout or work day stretch break.

How many of you get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night? Like most people, most of us aren't getting enough sleep. Sleep is controlled by two biological processes, and when they are misaligned sleep problems can occur. This can have a negative affect as since sleep serves as a restorative function and is essential for learning, memory processing, emotional regulation and overall well-being. *This is presentation is not meant to substitute for a medical provider. Meet with your provider if you’ve been having sleep problems that are interfering with your day to day life.


STRONG by Zumba - A fun-filled one-hour MMA-inspired revolutionary sync-to-music total body conditioning & cardio HIIT Workout, using just your own body weight. This is NOT dancing ... this is serious business! Prepare to sweat bucket, and feel pleasantly sore the next day!


What do you do once you have the building and the space? This session will provide an introduction to researching equipment and maximizing utilized space for programming. We will examine under-utilized space at new recreational centers and discuss how to thoroughly plan and meet population needs, as well as how to review company guarantees and warranty coverage. This session will be geared towards facility and business management.


An innovator and fitness entrepreneur since 1979, Aileen Sheron has starred in over thirty exercise videos and has been featured on TV, radio, and in print as a fitness expert.

7:30 am - 8:00 am

Build your own berry parfait and enjoy coffee before beginning your day!

Mac Gym SRC South

Attendees will receive floor dance moves built as 32 count choreography. Two to three blocks will be taught and reviewed and mastered. The last 15 minutes of the presentation will be the finale choreography to a "special performance song". Attendees feel they are dancers and are on stage. Don't miss out on the fun - you don't have to be a dancer to enjoy this session!


Learn how anthropometrics (body segment lengths) can affect you or your student's/client's exercise technique, especially for squats and deadlifts. Learn how to quickly assess limb lengths, and the differences in movement positions that will assist you in setting up proper technique for the individual.

While most professionals in the industry have the scientific information to modify their clients’ bodies, a more vital component to the continued health of the client is modifying the mind. This behavior modification workshop will provide some key tips to make instructors shine. Participants will learn about relevant behavior change models and how they can be applied. These models, including the formation of Tiny Habits, the Transtheoretical Model of Change, and the Theory of Planned Behavior, will help instructors evaluate the needs of their clients and use the appropriate language and motivation to push their clients to success. Participants will walk away with the practical tools to modify the the behaviors of their clientele.

Training Room

When teaching a new task, emphasis is always placed upon proper form; whether it be how to shoot a basketball or how to perform a weighted squat. Greatest performance will always be the result when form is the focus, right? What if this extrinsic motivation was not the most effective way to increase performance? There is another, more effective way, to increase skills and improve performance.

Conference Room

Gain knowledge on how to build a fun and active community through leadership, trust, and inspiration.


We all desire to create the best experience for our participants. Much of that comes from our staff and the environment they create. From participant interaction to facility cleanliness, it is an ongoing process to keep our teams motivated to make this a priority. Spend some time in this presentation both receiving and sharing ideas on how to create buy-in and help your team create an environment that helps participants to enhance their wellness.

Training Room

Ideas on how to adapt the Olympic lifts (clean & jerk and snatch) to the general population in a group setting. Working with individuals from many different backgrounds and levels of experience, learn what kind of modifications might be needed. Learn the keys of proper technique, mobility, and building base strength.


Geared towards college-age instructors, yet beneficial for fitness professionals of all ages, this presentation highlights various actions and habits that can help fitness trainers conduct themselves in a mature manner and maintain respectful connections with clients, supervisors, and coworkers.

Conference Room

Olympic lifting has come to the forefront of the fitness industry in recent years with the popularity of Crossfit and other fitness programs. Who should Olympic lift? What are common problems and how do you fix them? In this talk, learn firsthand how, and when, the Olympic lifts are being used in Division 1 college athletics and how to teach, coach and correct them with your athletes and clients to take your training to the next level.


Kali has competed in many sports ranging from water polo, competitive swimming, rugby and triathlons. Kali has over 10 years of experience working as a personal trainer, and 8 as a Strength and Conditioning coach. She has worked in most areas of health and fitness including aquatics, performance enhancement, injury prevention, fitness testing and group fitness challenges.

Training Room

Unlike dance models that focus on one specific dance genre or location, Worldanz looks to instruct its students in a wide range of technical traditions and geographies while utilizing both aerobic and anaerobic activity within this measure, helping our students to embrace the kinesthetic joys of high-intensity, training that is available to both advanced and beginning dancers.


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